March Newsletter
Thu, Mar 15, 2012 5:34 PM

Hey everyone! It’s time for the March edition of the Official IfdaKamp Newsletter! Many exciting things are starting to take shape here at IfdaKamp and we’re thrilled to be able to let you all in on the news! So here we go! 

The IfdaKamp 2012 line-up has been released! We have some of your favorite acts returning, as well as some killer new additions! Take a look! 

Ifdakar (Saturday Night Headliner) 

Roster McCabe (Friday Night Headliner) 

The Coop (Thursday Night Headliner) 


Ultraviolet Hippopotamus 

Useful Jenkins 

Unity The Band 

The Grasshoppers 

The Phry (Phish Tribute) 


The Mustache 

Dead Larry 

GrooveSession w/ special guest Kim Manning of The P-Funk All-stars 

The Jam Funk All Stars 



Undercover Organism 

Evergreen Grassband 

Sean Shiel 


Fifth World 

The New Fuse 

Mr. Tall Pants and the Shorts 

Damn Little Matthew 


Ken Tribolini (Owner of Whispering Hills) 

We are so excited to have been able to amass the kind of talent we did for 2012! We hope you’re as excited about this line-up as we are! You might be wondering why there are less bands on the line-up this year, than there were last year, and there are a couple of reasons. One being that this year we have pared down from 3 stages to just the 2 main stages. While it was nice to be able to include more bands last year than we would have been able to otherwise, it proved very challenging to get the bands on the 3rd stage the attention they deserved. Playing a festival is great! Playing to nobody is a bummer. Trust us!!! Hopefully, with all the attention devoted to the 2 main stages, and no overlapping sets, we will be able to give the bands and the festival goers the experience of a lifetime! Perhaps over time, as the festival grows, we will revisit the 3rd stage, but for now, we’ll all be rocking the main concert bowl together all weekend! 

On to the FIRE!!! We are seeking some experienced fire performers/troupes for some very cool opportunities this year. The right candidates will have some video of themselves performing, a solid resume and insurance (not necessary but it’s a huge bonus and will put you in the driver’s seat). You can contact Curt Biese at for more information. 

Vendors… At this point we have not made an official call out seeking vendors, and we will not be doing so this year, for the most part. We are going to have just a handful of vendors this year, and that handful has already been handpicked by us. We are currently in negotiations with some vendors we consider close friends and family, and if any spots open up, we may make a call looking to fill them. Otherwise, consider all of our vending positions filled at this time. 

Volunteers… We are fortunate to have such a wonderful infrastructure of staff on hand already. Our first full scale staff meeting is scheduled for early March, so, again, like the vending situation, please consider those positions filled. Emails regarding vending and volunteering will fall largely on deaf ears, not because we’re trying to ignore anyone, but because we have addressed those issues, and our needs have been satisfied. Thanks for understanding! 

Tickets… IfdaKamp 2012 tickets are now available! As of now, you can purchase tickets by going to We will have hard copy tickets available soon at Sunshine Daydream on State Street in Madison, as well as other outlets in the Fox Valley. Tickets are only $60, until the price jumps to $80. Make your move now and save 25%! And remember, we will only have 500 available for sale!! 

Sponsors… We have just a few sponsorship packages still available. All of our sponsorship packages include tickets to the festival, so if you are planning on going to the festival, and own a business, it really makes sense to jump on one of these packages before it’s too late. For basically the same price as buying tickets straight up, you also get all the advertising that comes with the individual packages! You can visit our Sponsorship Facebook or contact for more info. If you’re interested, act fast! We don’t expect these deals to be around for more than a week or so. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank our current IfdaKamp 2012 sponsors – we are very proud to be supported by such outstanding companies! We truly couldn’t do it without each & every one of you! 

Cranky Pat's Pizzeria 

Northern Fence Inc. 

Kamps Bar & Grill 

The Euro shop 

Big Head Golf 

Milly Ragicorn Ranch & Preserve 

Video-n-Game Gallery 

World Apart Promotions 

Graham Images and Photography

Grassroots California

IfdaInc Productions

Recalcitrant Productions

Artifishall Design

WIJam: The Wisconsin Jam Band Scene

Dave Razor Design

Extreme Sound & Lighting

World Apart Promotions 

We also want to take a moment to thank Joe, Charlie, Chris and Steve from Recalcitrant Productions for the amazing job they did at the IfdaKamp Pre-Party Tour Kick-Off at Tanner’s Grill & Bar a couple weeks ago. This group is truly a professional team, a class act, and amazing guys. We’re happy to have them on board as our production team for IfdaKamp 2012! They will be running sound & lights on BOTH stages, all weekend long! Really, the festival is in their hands, and we know they’re up to the challenge! Please visit for more information, pricing & availability regarding Recalcitrant Productions. 

Finally, we want to thank all of you that came out to Tanner’s to celebrate the build-up to IfdaKamp! It was an amazing night! We’re not sure how many of you were aware of this, but Saturday, February 11 was a stacked night in terms of live music, throughout the great state of Wisconsin. There were quality events in just about every nook and cranny you could find, and to have the turnout we did really says a lot about this family of friends we have around us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! And thank you to all of you that have shown your support and excitement for IfdaKamp 2012 already! Buckle up! It’s going to be a wild ride! We’re ready!!! Are you? 

Stay tuned for more updates, announcements, IfdaKamp Pre-Party Tour additions, and more! And make sure to make your plans for IfdaKamp 2012 today! Big love, everyone!