Download Ifdakar's new album, Get Some!

Heading into their 10th year together, Appleton rock band Ifdakar has never sounded better. The addition of keyboardist Michael "The Wizard" Romenesko has added a missing element to the music, with the result being a mature, accomplished sound that puts the band on par with the scene's brightest.

The 5 piece -also including Curt Biese on guitar and synths, Jon Schinke on guitar and vocals, Zach Chisholm on bass, and Frank Deringer on drums and vocals- has spent the beginning of 2017 in Appleton's legendary Rock Garden Studio recording their long awaited sophomore album.

A new line-up, a new album, and a fresh, new sound all contribute to the continuing story of one of Wisconsin's most enduring original bands. A story as rich and colorful as the music itself.

We'd like to give you a copy of our new album for free! All we ask for in return is an email address so we can update you on our goings on. We thank you for taking the time to listen and hope you enjoy!

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