Ifdakar article in the Post-Crescent
Fri, Oct 16, 2009 8:54 PM

Playing live, original music while cultivating a loyal fan base is no easy task for Fox Valley musicians. Ifdakar has managed to make serious inroads, and Saturday night the band will mark two years of hard work and persistence with its 100th live performance. The band, made up of Kimberly natives Curt Biese, Jon Schinke, Zach Chisholm, Jason Griseto, Craig Welch and Rick DeDecker, bills itself as a progressive, psychedelic jam band. With a shared musical taste and influences from the likes of Phish, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead and The Flecktones, Ifdakar members say they are all about moving music forward artistically with a live audience as part of the experience.... Read More at the Post-Crescent