Ifdakar Bio

Ifdakar's pursuit of musical growth and experimental improvisation create an experience not to be forgotten. Hailing from Madison/Appleton, Wisconsin, this four piece band has garnered recognition for their live performances, where the band channels elements of psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, and electronica. The result is a mind bending, dance infused, jamtronica that it is unmistakably their own. From songs that are tragic, to songs that transcend, Ifdakar showcases an array of improvisational jamming and elaborately structured pieces that are steeped in influences such as Phish, STS9, MMW, Pink Floyd, Les Claypool, Lotus, the Flecktones and many others. This spectrum allows for dense musical freedom, to tension-and-release madness.

Ifdakar has been fortunate enough to share a stage with such luminaries as Primus, Umphrey's McGee, Yonder Mountain String Band, Bob Weir Trio, Ozric Tentacles, Eoto, Big Gigantic, Melvin Seals of JGB, Robbie Krieger (the Doors), Keller Williams, That One Guy, Xavier Rudd, Prophet Massive, Wookiefoot, All Mighty Senators, Family Groove Company, Kim Manning of the P. Funk All-Stars, Willie Waldman, Steve Molitz of Particle, the Heavy Pets, The Big Wu, and many others!

As Ifdakar continues to climb the ranks of the Midwest scene, their popularity has started to snowball. Reaching capacity at marquee club shows regularly, the band has begun to make the jump to theaters, picking up hundreds of new fans along the way. Festival promoters have taken notice, too, as Ifdakar has performed at many nationally recognized festivals, such as Summer Camp, Built to Last, Bella Music Fest, the Grateful Garcia Gathering, Shangri La, Project Earth, Milwaukee's Summerfest, Madison Harvest Fest, Big Wu Family Reunion, Prairie Grass Music Festival, Skyy's Burning Festival, Pow Wow in the Pines, Jammin on the Wolf, Feel Good Festival, Jakefest, Steel Bridge Songfest, and many others. Not only do they play at festivals but also have organized a stage at Project Earth and are also producing their own annual festivals "A Wijam Weekend", The Big Green, and IfdaKamp.

Ifdakar has found the right formula; band members who refuse to give up, cutting edge original material that begs to be played live, and devoted, dance thirsty fans who are convinced that this band has what it takes. Ifdakar is ready for anything and looks poised to take things to the next level. Their reputation continues to grow positively after each performance. From the intimate audience connections that stir, to the dark and spacey jams that take hold, Ifdakar is about musical dialogue between each other, and their growing audience.